Mrs. Jamie Stima

Music and Computer


Mrs. Andrea Burton 



Mrs. Denise Woodard

2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Thompson has been teaching for 19 years. She received her B.S. in Education from the University of Akron. She lives in Mansfield with her husband of 38 years, Rob. They have three children, Brian (married to Sarah) and twins, Michael and Casey (married to Matt). They also have one grandson, Jameson. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing, tennis and spending time with her family outside in warm weather. When asked why she wanted to become a teacher, Mrs. Thompson stated, "I became a teacher because when I was in school, I was fortunate enough to have several teachers that had a positive impact on my life. I wanted to be able to do the same for other students." We also asked what she loved most about working at St. Joseph. She said, "St. Joseph is a terrific place to work. My work family is very special to me. We rejoice in each others successes and pray for each others challenges. The students are outstanding. They care about each other, they are very respectful and they emulate the Christian values we try to teach. The parishioners have always been so kind and supportive. St. Joseph school is a remarkable place to work" 

Thank you, Mrs. Thompson, for all you do here at St. Joseph!

Mrs. Woodard has been teaching at St. Joseph since 2011. She received her Master's Degree in Education from MVNU, as well as her Reading Endorsement. Her undergrad work was completed at The Ohio State University. She lives in Shelby with her husband, Zach, her two stepchildren, their two year old son, Sullivan (who is the absolute apple of her eye), and their beagle, Shamus. She is a huge animal lover and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. When asked why she wanted to become a teacher, Mrs. Woodard stated, "I always knew I wanted to become a teacher. My father is a teacher, and I learned at an early age that I wanted his job.I have many great memories of my teachers throughout school. Many of them left lasting impressions. I wanted to be able to be that person for someone else. Watching a student gain confidence in themselves is the best part of my job. Plus being a teacher requires me to always remain young at heart, and who wouldn't love that?" We also asked what she loved most about working at St. Joseph. She said, "St. Joseph is a school unlike any others I have seen. We are a family. Everyone here truly cares about the well being of each and every one of our students and staff. The students are not only learning academically, but they are learning to be amazing role models and followers of God. I couldn't be more proud of where I work." 

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- purple
Favorite movie- The Newsies
Favorite food- seafood and her mama's lasagna
Favorite book- To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite quote- "So was I once myself a swinger of birches, and so I dream of going back to be." Robert Frost
Silly fact/hidden talent- When she was born, she had two blue eyes, in high school she had one blue eye and one green eye, now she has two green eyes.

Thank you, Mrs. Woodard, for all you do here at St. Joseph!

School Nutrition and Wellness Program

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Mr. Salvati received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from The Ohio State University. He began as a teacher here at St. Joes before becoming the principal. He taught for 8 years and is currently in his 4th year as principal. Mr. Salvati has been married for 27 years to his wife, Jo. They have two daughters, Anna and Isabella and one son, Antonio. In his spare time he likes to go hunting, spending time in the outdoors and playing guitar in a band. He is also a big Cleveland Indians fan. When asked why he wanted to be a teacher, he said, “I became a teacher because I love working with kids and I also wanted to teach at my old Alma Mater.” When asked what he liked best about working at St. Joes, he said, “The students and staff are just like a large family. Everyone pitches in to help, regardless of whether it is their job or not.” 

Favorite color- Camouflage
Favorite movie- Jeremiah Johnson
Favorite food- His Mom’s homemade gnocchi
Favorite book- Lonesome Dove Series
Favorite quote- “Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason.” Mark Twain
Silly fact/hidden talent- The kids like to see him toss him toss a grape in the air and catch it in his mouth. He can throw it almost to the ceiling in the gym and still catch it! Amazing, isn’t it?

Thank you, Mr. Salvati for all your hard work and dedication to St. Joseph school! You truly are a wonderful person to work for. Your passion for our school and our students is unparalleled and we are blessed to have you.​




Mr. Matt Bickert 

Physical Education

This fall, St. Joseph’s School in Crestline will pilot an afterschool enrichment program that focuses on the academic enrichment and spiritual growth of the participants.    S.T.R.E.A.M.S. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math, and Spanish.  

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Mrs. Shear earned her Bachelor of Education in Speech Pathology from Ashland University. She has been teaching here at St. Joe's for the past three years. She loves spending time with her family, friends and her dog, Chloe. She has one son who is an actor and musician in Columbus. He was married this past September. When asked what she likes the best about working at St. Joe's, she said, “I love St. Joe's! Working here has been one of the best experiences of my career. The students are beyond great and the staff are all so kind and caring!” 
Fun Facts:
Favorite color- Purple
Favorite movie- Dances with Wolves
Favorite food- Pizza
Favorite book- The Art of Racing in the Rain
Favorite quote- “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss.
Silly Fact/Hidden Talent- She twirled baton from 7th grade through college and next year will be my 40th year teaching.

Thank you, Mrs. Shear, for all your hard work!

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Mr. Bickert received his Bachelors degree in business from Tiffin University and his MBA from the University of Akron. He has been teaching gym here at St. Joe's for the past five years. He likes to stay active in his free time by jogging and exercising. He also enjoys watching football, playing with his grandchildren and vacationing with his wife. He even gets to work some with the Cleveland Browns. Mr. Bickert stated he wanted to become a teacher “to share my passion for sports and physical fitness with the kids.” In regards to what he likes best about teaching at St. Joe's, he said, “I love the Catholic environment. The kids are great and I enjoy being able to teach at the school I attended long ago.”

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- blue
Favorite movie- Karate Kid
Favorite food- Peanut butter cups
Favorite book- The Bible
Favorite quote- “If you want something bad enough, you will find a reason. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.”
Silly fact/Hidden talent- He recently discovered he really likes to read Marvel comic books.

Thanks for all you do for us, Mr. Bickert!

St. Joseph, Crestline,  
After-School Enrichment Program


Deb Ritter 

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade​ Teacher

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Mrs. Burton has been our secretary for the past year and has done a wonderful job! Prior to her position as a secretary, she taught our computer classes. She has been married to her husband, Scott, for 13 years and have four children together (Adam, Alexandrea, Adaline and Alice). During the rare chance she has free time, she enjoys reading. When asked what she likes best about working at St. Joe's, she replied, “I love watching all the students grow throughout the school year, not only in studies, but also in their faith. I also love my work family. The staff at St. Joseph has welcomed me with open arms in my first year as secretary.”

Fun facts:
Favorite color- Red
Favorite movie- First Knight
Favorite food- Pizza
Favorite book- The Harry Potter series
Favorite quote- “It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J.K. Rowling
Silly face/Hidden talent- Mrs. Burton is very creative and artistic. She bakes all of her children’s birthday cakes and even designed the logo for our Harvest Festival.

Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Burton!

We are very lucky to have you!

Section 3301.164 of the Ohio Revised Code, as established in HB49 compliance.    This section of law states: “(A)Each chartered nonpublic school shall publish on the school’s website both of the following: the number of students enrolled in the school by the last day of October of the current school year; (B)The school’s policy regarding background checks for teaching and non-teaching employees and for volunteers who have direct contact with students.”

St. Joseph School has 52 students enrolled in grades PreK through 8 as of October 31, 2020

Diocesan link for the Policy on Protection of minors

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Mr. Matthew Visconti 

Intervention Specialist




Mrs. Ruthanne


Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Blubaugh, or Miss. Ruthie as she is known around here, attended Pioneer Vocational School for Teacher’s Aide and Childcare. She has worked here at St. Joe's for two years now in the Kindergarten and First Grade classroom as a student one-on-one aide. She also helps out with lunch/recess/bus duties. Prior to working at St. Joe's, she spent 17 years teaching preschool age kids in Crestline Childcare Center. She is married to her husband, Donald, and has two beautiful daughters, Shayla and Diandra. She is the proud Grandma to five grandchildren (4 of which attended St. Joe's as well). She enjoys camping, swimming and helping others. When it comes to teaching at St. Joe's, Miss. Ruthie said, “I love the wonderful atmosphere of feeling like one big family. Everyone, even the children, make you feel loved and wanted. But the most important thing I like is teaching the word of God to all.”

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- Purple
Favorite movie- God’s Not Dead
Favorite food- Lobster
Favorite book- The Bible
Favorite quote- “All children can learn.”
Silly fact/hidden talent- Miss. Ruthie is a massive Aerosmith fan and loves Steven Tyler. 

Thank you, Miss. Ruthie, for all you do for us!




Mrs.Nancy Shear

Speech Pathologist

Miss. Ritter received her Bachelor of Science in Education for grades 1-8. She began her teaching career in 1991 and has been with St. Joe's since 2000. She has worked at The Olive Garden for almost 21 years and is very active with her church, Calvary United Church of Christ. If she has any free time, she enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her family and friends. She stated she became a teacher because she was “inspired by all of the teachers she had as a student in Ontario. She loves seeing all the ah-ha moments with her students as well as seeing them laugh.” 

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- Cornflower and Midnight Blue
Favorite movie- Most Rom/Coms or Victorian Age movies
Favorite food- Chocolate
Favorite book- Too many to count!
Favorite quote- “It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.” –Eeyore
Silly fact/Hidden talent- Her first job was pulling mustard plants from a bean field for a penny a piece.

Thank you, Miss. Ritter for all your hard work here at St. Joseph Crestline!


Mrs. Monica Gregg 

Kindergarten/First Grade 



Mrs. Mary K Thompson

4th and 5th Grade Teacher

​​​Mrs. Gregg received her Bachelor of Science in Education from The Ohio State University. She has been teaching at St. Joes for eleven years. In her free time, she loves to sing and spend time with her family. She is married to her husband, Jeff. They have five children, Brittany, Dustin, Kennedy, Jillianne and Sam. She also has two grandchildren, Elliot and Amelia. When asked why she wanted to be a teacher, she said, “I have always loved children and since I teach at the elementary level, I am able to incorporate music into my lessons as well.” In regards to St. Joes, she said, “I love the small class sizes at St. Joseph. We really have become more of a family because of our small size and being able to have the kids for two years instead of one.”

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- pink
Favorite movie- A Christmas Story
Favorite food- potatoes
Favorite book- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Favorite quote- “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” A.A. Milne 

Silly face/Hidden Talent- She would love to sing at a jazz club and is the only staff member who can successfully floss. 

Thank you for everything you do for our school, Mrs. Gregg!

Mrs. Stima received her K-12 Music Education Masters in Education from The Ohio State University. This is her third year teaching music at St. Joes and her first year teaching computer. She recently married her high school sweetheart in June of this past year. They both enjoy gaming online with their friends, and she enjoys singing and performing at St. Peter’s church and the Renaissance Theater. When asked why she wanted to become a teacher, Mrs. Stima said, “I became a teacher to share the joy and freedom of music with others and instill a love of all kinds of music in our future generations.” In regards to working at St. Joe's, she said, “I absolutely love the community and family that we have created here at St. Joe's. Teaching here truly feels like a family coming together to provide the best experience and education for our kids.”

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- Blue
Favorite movie- How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite food- Sushi
Favorite book- The Belgariad by David Eddings
Favorite quote- “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” –A Cinderella Story

Silly fact/hidden talent- She is a self proclaimed klutz. She once sprained her ankle trying to jump over a 2 foot inflated wall, but unfortunately it was not captured on camera. 

Thank you for all your hard work, Mrs. Stima! You are a great asset to our school!

St. Joseph School would like to welcome to St. Joseph's new Intervention Specialist, Mr. Matthew Visconti. Mr. V (as the kids call him) spent the last 18 years as a youth counselor and the past 5 years as an intervention specialist. He received his Master of Arts in Education at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He is married and has four children. During the summer, Mr. V works in construction and landscaping. He also plays music and can often been seen with a ukulele or guitar. He gives lessons in guitar and drums. In his free time, he also enjoys fishing and geology. When asked why he wanted to become a teacher, Mr. Visconti stated, "I wanted to be a teacher, at first, to be a better parent. I stayed on because of hope for the future." We also asked what he loved most about working at St. Joseph. He said, "The students here at St. Joseph are tomorrow's leaders."

Fun Facts:
Favorite color- black
Favorite movie- Rocky
Favorite food- lasagna
Favorite book- The Hobbit
Favorite quote- "You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:14
Silly fact/hidden talent- He can draw pretty well and is (in his words) a ruthless Scrabbler.

Welcome, Mr. Visconti and thank you for all you do here at St. Joseph!




Mr. Dan Salvati