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Welcome Home to St. Joseph Catholic School

History facts about St. Joseph School

* 1860 - A two-room school was constructed.

* 1860 - 1893 - The school was mandated by the Sisters of Notre Dame.

* 1893 - The Sisters of St. Dominic NJ aided the Sisters of Notre Dame in educating the students.

* 1903 - The school was remodeled and a third classroom was added.

* 1908 - A new school building was begun.

* 1909 - The Sisters of St. Dominic withdrew themselves and the Sisters of Notre Dame returned.

* 1915 - A fourth classroom was added to the school building.

* 1941 - The Sisters of Notre Dame withdrew and the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul offered their assistance.

* 1955 - The Sisters of St. Francis from Sylvania staffed the school.

* 1960 - The school over went extensive interior renovation, and the basement was converted in to two classrooms.

* 1961 - First lay teacher was employed, by the name of Florence Reinhard.

* 1970 - The Sisters moved their home, which was previously part of the school, to the south end of the building.

* 1977 - Ground breaking for the south school building commences.

* 1979 - The new school building was dedicated.

* 1987 - Preschool and kindergarten were added to St. Joseph's.

* 1992 - 1st and 2nd grades were separated.

* 1994 - 3rd and 4th grades were separated.

St. Joseph School 
Pledge & Mission Statement:

As members of the St. Joseph School Community, We will work together to create a safe, disciplined, and Christ-centered environment that is committed to Academic Excellence, Authentic Catholic Teaching, and strong Moral Formation.