St. Joseph School 
Pledge & Mission Statement:

As members of the St. Joseph School community, we will strive for academic excellence through cooperative and independent learning, based on the teachings of Christ, enriching our education through worship and service to others." 

333 North Thoman St., Crestline, OH 44827 • 419-683-1284

Welcome Home to St. Joseph Catholic School

History facts about St. Joseph School

* 1860 - A two-room school was constructed.

* 1860 - 1893 - The school was mandated by the Sisters of Notre Dame.

* 1893 - The Sisters of St. Dominic NJ aided the Sisters of Notre Dame in educating the students.

* 1903 - The school was remodeled and a third classroom was added.

* 1908 - A new school building was begun.

* 1909 - The Sisters of St. Dominic withdrew themselves and the Sisters of Notre Dame returned.

* 1915 - A fourth classroom was added to the school building.

* 1941 - The Sisters of Notre Dame withdrew and the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul offered their assistance.

* 1955 - The Sisters of St. Francis from Sylvania staffed the school.

* 1960 - The school over went extensive interior renovation, and the basement was converted in to two classrooms.

* 1961 - First lay teacher was employed, by the name of Florence Reinhard.

* 1970 - The Sisters moved their home, which was previously part of the school, to the south end of the building.

* 1977 - Ground breaking for the south school building commences.

* 1979 - The new school building was dedicated.

* 1987 - Preschool and kindergarten were added to St. Joseph's.

* 1992 - 1st and 2nd grades were separated.

* 1994 - 3rd and 4th grades were separated.